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Christ is the Saviour of sinners (122

122 Dactylic Chorus

1. Christ is the Saviour of sinners,
Christ is the Saviour for me;
Long I was chained in sin's darkness,
Now by His grace I am free.

Chorus. Saviour of sinners,
Saviour of sinners like me,
Giving Himself as a ransom -
This is the Saviour for me.

2. Now I can say I am pardoned,
Happy and justified, free,
Saved by my blessed Redeemer -
This is the Saviour for me.

3. Just as I was He received me,
Seeking from judgment to flee;
Now there is no condemnation -
This is the Saviour for me.

4. Loved with a love that's unchanging,
Blessed with all blessings so free,
How shall I tell out His praises!
This is the Saviour for me.

5. Soon shall the glory be dawning,
Then, when His face I shall see,
Sing, O my soul, in thy gladness,
This is the Saviour for me!

H. Wreford


Reviewer: David Clarke - - February 16, 2008
Subject: Christ is the Saviour of Siners
This hymn, by H.Wreford, I first learned as a child, introduced to it by my godly mother. Sung to the tune "Showers of blessing", it immediately fastened itself into my memory. Now, at 71, it still goes through my mind frequently, and its great attraction is its enthusiastic simplicity in expressing the benefit of Christ's death for the individual. I have used it many times in Gospel preaching, although it does not appear in most modern evangelical hymnbooks and I have had to use duplicated sheets. It deserves wider knowledge and usage. I prefer "shedding his blood as a ransom" to "giving himself as a ransom" but that is a minor quibble.
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